Meet the Collective.

Whether You're New-to-Woo or Deep in Your Spiritual Journey, Discover the Ideal Practitioner for Your Path.

Monica, Owner

Numerology - Oracle Cards

Monica's spiritual journey began at the age of 10 when she received her first psychic reading in a London cafe. While she embarked on a successful career in corporate America, working with renowned companies such as Walt Disney Imagineering and Parsons Engineering, her true passion lay in opening a metaphysical gift shop. Alongside her corporate endeavors, Monica also provided readings for a diverse clientele, including actors, musicians, and Fortune 500 CEOs. However, her favorite clients were the super-moms who gracefully balanced high-powered careers and family life. Rest assured, confidentiality is of utmost importance, and non-disclosure agreements are available upon request.

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Rochelle Peak - Begin With Healing

Light Activation - Reiki - Hypnosis - EMI

Rochelle, at Begin With Healing, offers a blend of Light Activation Healing, Introspective Hypnosis, and Eye-Movement Integration (EMI) therapies. Her 45-minute sessions focus on energy clearing, belief rectification, and addressing past lives influences. She utilizes hypnosis for deeper self-understanding and EMI for swift trauma resolution, effectively treating a range of issues from fears and phobias to PTSD and depression. Her integrative approach promotes profound healing, inner peace, and self-realization.

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Patricia Steiner - Magyar Tarot Readings


Meet Patricia Steiner, a captivating tarot card reader with six decades of experience. Hailing from a long line of Hungarian Magyar Gypsy readers, Patricia is a 5th generation diviner, carrying on her family's mystical legacy. Her cherished tarot deck, dating back to 1865, has a remarkable story – it was brought from Hungary by her fearless great-grandmother, concealed within a steamer trunk. With Patricia's sharp wit, profound insight, and utterly unique reading style, prepare yourself for a transformational experience when you book a session with her.

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Tigresse Bleu

Tarot & Natal Charts

Tigresse Blue is a young, dynamic, and vibrant force in the metaphysical realm. She blends her own unique style and flair with the time-honored traditions of Tarot, natal charts, Reiki, and event facilitation. As a spiritual guide and practitioner, Tigresse fuses her knowledge with a cool, contemporary edge, providing services that are as trendy as they are transformative.

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Hollie Windhorst

Psychic Medium

Hollie is a dynamic Psychic Medium, known for her profound spiritual connection and extraordinary insight. Through her own healing journey, she uncovered the depth of her divine gifts and began to understand the reality of her past experiences. This personal evolution enables her to guide others towards inner healing, helping them realize their highest self. She considers her role a sacred mission to help others heal and find their purpose ('their WHY'), using her life experiences and spiritual guidance as navigational tools. Blessed with a range of spiritual gifts, Hollie brings empathy, understanding, and a deep commitment to her work in helping others on their unique journeys.

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Kristen Young

Akashic Records Reader - Soul Realignment®

Kristen Young specializes in Akashic Record readings and Soul Realignment®. Her services aim to reveal and clear energetic blocks, leading to a deeper understanding of one's higher self and Divine nature. Additionally, she offers Reiki services to further aid in energy healing and balance. Kristen's unique approach brings together elements of spiritual exploration and practical guidance to assist clients in manifesting a fulfilling life that aligns with their soul's purpose. Her practice is rooted in positivity, abundance, and a deep commitment to her client's spiritual awakening and growth.

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Holly Moberly

Areas of focus: LGBTQIA+ community, Shamanism, spiritual guidance, energy work, inner child work, mediumship

Meet Holly, her journey of self-discovery has been nothing short of transformative. From an early age, she possessed a remarkable ability to perceive and understand the unseen, yet fear momentarily caused her to set these gifts aside. However, fueled by curiosity during her college years, she embraced her abilities as a precious and extraordinary gift. Throughout her diverse career experiences in real estate, counseling troubled teens, and teaching, Holly harnessed her intuition to bring solace and clarity to those in need. Amidst a significant loss, she found a spiritual mentor who illuminated a new path for her. Embracing her true calling as a medium, intuitive reader, and reiki master Holly's natural flow and empowering abilities flourished. Today, she resides in Oldham County, tending to the land, practicing Shamanism, and nurturing a profound bond with nature. With a heart full of love and light, Holly continues to share her intuitive gifts, leaving a positive impact wherever her journey takes her. 

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Angelia Extine - Lotus In Bloom Reiki

Angelia Extine is the founder of Lotus In Bloom. She is a level III Usui Reiki Master and Karuna/Holy Fire Reiki practitioner. Angelia's goal is to spread Reiki to all who are called to receive. Find out how Reiki can help you restore and revitalize yourself for your highest and greatest good.

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Denise-Scott, The Scottish Medium

Evidential Psychic Medium & Ikigai Coach

Denise-Scott, The Scottish Medium, is a compassionate intuitive guide dedicated to providing healing, comfort, and guidance through spirit connection. With a background in entrepreneurship and finance, she offers unique insights to help individuals transform their lives and businesses. Embrace the power of expanding your mind and igniting your vision with The Scottish Medium as your trusted guide.

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The Juicy Life LLC

Dr. Tammy Hatfield, now fondly referred to as Dr. Juicy, weaves her more than 20 years of practice as a psychologist with spirituality to create The Juicy Life experience.  She offers Juicy Life coaching sessions, therapeutic card readings, Quantum Crystalline Energy Healing, and integration of healing sessions.  

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